What material is good for the living room ceiling?

2021-08-27 11:37:45 浙江森杰集成吊顶有限公司 Viewd 441

At present, there are about 4 types of living room ceiling materials:

1, gypsum board

For a long time, gypsum board ceilings have been loved by Chinese families because of their eye-catching appearance, which can lead to various shapes and decorate beautiful living rooms. The sound-absorbing ability of gypsum board ceiling is good. If you like to watch movies in the living room, it is a wise and free choice to install this type of ceiling, which can effectively reduce the noise pollution caused to the family. The thickness of the gypsum board ceiling is relatively thin, so the quality is also small, the installation is more convenient, and the overall decoration cost is low.

However, the use of gypsum board ceilings in the living room also has certain defects. For example, its life span is not long. After a certain number of years, the gypsum board ceilings are more prone to yellowing and are more dangerous to fall. The gypsum board ceiling has strong water absorption and poor moisture resistance. For families in the southeast coastal area, large areas of water stains will often appear on the ceiling during the rainy season, which affects aesthetics and service life.

2, aluminum gusset

Aluminum gusset is a new type of material that has become popular in recent years. It is made of all metal, the core layer is polyethylene, and the surface is so-called combustible aluminum plate, which has strong shielding, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant characteristics. Its own density is small, so its weight is light. The average weight of each aluminum gusset is about 8.5kg, so it is especially convenient for early transportation, and the damage to the top of the living room is relatively small.

Although the aluminum gusset ceiling installed in the living room has good aesthetics and practicality, it has high requirements on the decoration construction process, and the panels must be spliced. If spliced improperly, the flatness will be harmed. When installing the aluminum gusset ceiling, the keel must be marked, which is mainly divided into wooden keel and light steel keel. It is recommended that you do not choose the wooden keel freely. Although the price is cheap, it is more susceptible to moisture, and the beauty and firmness cannot be guaranteed over time.

3, integrated ceiling

Integrated ceiling is a multi-functional ceiling, divided into gusset module, heating module, lighting module and ventilation module. Although it is mostly installed in wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens, many friends report the effect of installing in the living room. It's also not bad. The appearance of the integrated ceiling is diverse, and with the development of technology, it presents multiple styles, which can meet the different market needs of consumers. The integrated ceiling modularizes lighting, heating, ventilation, etc., even the living room can be heated or ventilated, and the effect is significant.

However, many families will be discouraged by the short life expectancy of the integrated ceiling, which is mainly reflected in that the convulsive body is not easy to oxidize. If it is replaced later, it will take a lot of manpower and financial resources, which is not as long as other types of ceilings.

4, PVC plastic gusset

PVC plastic gusset is also a common living room ceiling material. Its price is relatively cheap, so friends with limited renovation expenditures prefer it. Although the price of PVC plastic gusset is cheap, there are many kinds of patterns, which can satisfy different styles of home decoration. In addition, the PVC plastic gusset ceiling has significant sound insulation and waterproof effects, and does not have the function of breathable, moisture-proof and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about potential safety hazards.

As a plastic product, the biggest disadvantage of PVC plastic gusset ceiling is that it is more prone to aging and discoloration, so the life is very short, 3-5 years are more likely to be damaged frequently and must be replaced in time. The environmental protection of PVC plastic gussets is still relatively poor. Once removed, it is very troublesome to dispose of them together, let alone PVC plastic gussets with pungent odors. Don't buy them because they are harmful to human health!