Do you want a suspended ceiling on the balcony?

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The balcony is a pioneering space in the whole house. Although it is a part of the indoor space, it also carries the connection of the external environment. Through the balcony, we can better touch the outdoor air. This small space can help us. Living in the room adds more happiness. Many owners want to make this space more beautiful, so they want to renovate the ceiling. So should the balcony be a suspended ceiling?

Do you want a suspended ceiling on the balcony?

1. In terms of cleaning, the balcony ceiling is more convenient to clean. Generally, the balcony with ceiling is cleaner and easier to clean.

2. If you cut off the balcony and the living room, the balcony needs to be suspended so that the style of the living room and the balcony can be the same.

3. If your balcony is to be used for drying clothes and a drying rack is installed, you must install a suspended ceiling so that some parts of the drying rack can be covered. At the same time, it can also cover some defects on the balcony, such as uneven top surface, cracks in the tiles, etc., which looks more beautiful.

balcony ceiling renovation points

1. Pay attention to the sunshade function to ensure that it is not disturbed by the heat in summer. As far as possible, choose a slightly stronger textile to make an awning, which not only promotes decoration, but also shields wind and rain.

2. Do not forget to drain the balconies smoothly while on the ceiling, do a good job of drainage, because this link is very important to the adoption of balconies; otherwise, once it encounters a rainstorm, the unclosed balconies will inevitably enter water. The ground of the balcony will be wet, which will affect the use; therefore, when making the ground, tilt it slightly horizontally to ensure that the water can flow to the drain hole.